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2 Timothy 2:20-26

Being spiritually reproductive

By self-consecration

Pastor, Julius D. Twongyeirwe


In writing this epistle to his son in the faith, Paul was certainly concerned that Timothy be useful. Timothy was gifted, and called, and positioned in a strategic way, to fulfill that which God had designed for him to fulfill in the development of the church, and it was important that Timothy be useful to the maximum degree. He was to be a vessel unto honor.

In this passage, Paul is reminding him of how urgent that issue is, that he be, in fact, a vessel unto honor. Paul again is calling him to the highest level of commitment. Being spiritually reproductive is built onto setting ourselves apart in what we can call self-consecration, so that we are useful in the house of God, as nobler vessel for worthy service.

For this point, Paul employed a different illustration to emphasize the same idea to demonstrate usefulness. The Major argument for identifying the “large house” as the church is the context and Paul is speaking of faithful and unfaithful Christians (1 Tim 3:15) in the house of God.

In the Church there are also Christians who, because of their lack of commitment to God’s truth bring dishonor on Him while they seek to be His instruments of service (such as cultural Christians or even false teachers). However, there are individuals who honor the Lord as a result of their dedication to follow His truth through good workmanship. These people are useful to the Lord in His work because their commitment to His Word prepares them for His service in his “large house”.

If it is your sole desire, then here are the means to make that a reality: The grace is there, granted by God, to provide for holiness of life, submissive obedience, and eager zeal to serve. The provision is there, in the indwelling power of the Spirit, and the Word of God. The only question remains: Is your sole desire to be used of God?