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2 Timothy 3:15-17

A description of the present resource for the man of God Part 1

Pastor, Julius D. Twongyeirwe


As the sole resource for Timothy in his difficult ministry context, he has known Holy Scriptures above all things, which stand alone in bringing the salvation to him and to all under his charge.


It is a mystery that God became man (in order to rescue man) without losing his divine nature. It is a mystery too that God’s Word came in man’s language (for God to communicate with man) without losing it divine origin and nature.


Read 2 Peter 1:20–21. The glorious truth of this verse is that in Scripture God has spoken and not merely man, and therefore (as vs. 20 says) our aim must be to hear God's meaning, not merely our own. In what way do you think, the affirmation of Scripture’s origin, influences our interpretation of it and observation of it?


By “all Scripture” Paul implies that God’s Word as we have it in 66 books is comprehensively inspired. He goes on to imply that it is wholesome in scope, profitable in design, purposeful in effect, productive in influence, wholly adequate and exact in leading us to frugality or fruitfulness (productivity).


Describe how the Psalmist affirms the “teaching” aspect of Scripture in Ps. 32:8 and Ps. 119:33-40. Think of your own personal instances when God’s Word has instructed you, giving knowledge and light to your mind. How can you improve this?


Describe how the Psalmist avows the “rebuking” aspect of God’s Word in Ps. 19:11. What instances in your life has the Word of God convicted, reproofed, warned or admonished you? Describe the feeling and share the action that followed. How profitable do you think, would such an exercise be on a more regular basis?


Discuss the way in which the Psalmist points out the “correcting” aspect of God’s Word in Ps. 119:11. What are some of the situations in which God’s Word has realigned you to his will, bringing you back to the right way, the right method or right purpose? When has it checked your motives to purge your soul?


Hold a discourse on the way God’s Word “trains” God’s servants according to 2 Tim 2:15 and 2 Pet. 1:3-4, 8  In what instances can you recall God’s Word resourcing you for good intentions in life and service, brooding you and apprenticing you to face life and ministry in his knowledge and power? Share with your group.