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2 Timothy 3:15-17

Brief Sermon

Pastor, Julius D. Twongyeirwe


The context in which truth must prevail (2 Tim. 3:1 – 4:8) is marked by self-seekers with a form of religion that is counterfeit and opposed to the powerful gospel; they are empty and worldly; so conceited that they cannot put up with sound doctrine; they will not acknowledge the truth (3:7), they will even oppose the truth (3:8).


The contrast among these ungodly men is to be Timothy (3:10-11). He is to take a stand in sharp contrast to the ungodly men because he knows the instruction and way of life of his spiritual father (2:1) Paul and to hold on to educational and relational inputs (v.14 – 15). His grandmother Lois, his mother Eunice and now his spiritual father Paul have worked hard to instill in him God’s truth (the Holy Scriptures), which stand alone in bringing the salvation message to Timothy because of what the Scriptures are.


In the origination of Scripture (v.16a) God superintended the human authors, so that, using their individual personalities, they composed and recorded without error, God’s Word to man. It is a wonder that inspiration does not involve mechanical dictation but the accurate recording of God’s Word. These Scriptures are Timothy’s resources for the way of life Paul is calling him to (v.16-17), because of their usefulness (v.16b) and their accomplishments (v.17).


Given the origin, nature and purpose of Scripture, Timothy is to preach the Word against all odds in his prevailing context, bringing the truth against its haters and scorners. He is to keep his head above the waters, enduring the inevitable challenge, speaking God’s powerful Word in this rather unfriendly context. He is to do it dutifully as long as he can still discharge the obligations of ministry, until such a time when he too (after Paul) can celebrate a sense of completion in following the example of his forerunner (4:6-8).