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Sound doctrine for holy living  

Pastoral care to people groups within the church

Titus 2:1 -5

Pastor, Julius D. Twongyeirwe


As we move on to Titus 2, the focus changes from the pastors to the people, from the elders to everybody, from the leadership to the laity – to outline the character of a healthy church. We find here very specific, straightforward and direct instruction given to people groups in the church, so that the church might be spiritually healthy, something that the Lord is concerned about. So it is a very practical section of Scripture where we hear sound doctrine for sound living.


Quite contrary to the way the world has gone regarding the home, the biblical mandate calls us to make the Christian home a vital part of our calling and witness to the world. At the center of this is the role God has ordained for women as wives and mothers.


There is no higher or more glorious calling or need in our society than this, and our world has not only demeaned it, but to a large degree, rejected it. Too often today young Christian women are almost ashamed to admit that their primary goal in life is to be a godly wife and mother. Instead, any idea of a career or profession or travel outside the home is what is primary.


So the issue here in Titus 2 again is the evangelistic strategy of the church, because holy living is proper, suitable and fitting, and remains inseparable from sound doctrine. We reach the world by holiness, not just by technique. The issue in holy living is all bound up in the whole matter of evangelization. 


What then makes a church healthy?  Holy living, the fruit of healthy doctrine. What the Lord wants has nothing to do with the size of a church. The size of it is all bound up in His own sovereign purpose, which in turn, is directly related to the virtue of it.  What He wants has to do with the virtue of a church, the character of the church. 


If you show me transformation in your redeemed life, I might be inclined to believe in your Redeemer.[1] The credibility of the Christian gospel is tied to the integrity of the life of those who claim it. The impact of the lives of men and women who carry the Lord's name is vital to the credibility of the faith and the effectiveness of personal witness in preaching and becomes a pathway as to whether someone turns and comes to Christianity or falls away and follows the path of Satan.


The way we reach the world is through virtue, godliness, holiness, purity of life that makes our faith believable, makes God's Word believable. And Paul turns to people groups in the church to achieve this purpose.


[1] German philosopher Heine